Monday, 23 March 2009

Open World PvP Challenge event

Yesterday we had an Open World PvP Challenge event organized by the Forsaken Gods guild on the Deiquonril EU server. Forsaken Gods regularly organize community events which are always very fun.
The event started at 5pm CET near Viola's Hold in Hoggsridge. The rules and objectives where the following:

  • Gather as many waste items as your level is by killing mobs located around the lake north of Viola's Hold. So a lvl 12 player should gather 12 waste items, a lvl 40 should gather 40.
  • You gain 1 point for every waste item you turn in.
  • You loose 2 point for every time you die (by getting killed in pvp or by a mob)
  • You can kill anyone you want so he looses points

I was collecting waste items rather fast, and got to +8 points fast. I only needed 4 more waste items to win, and because of that my status was broadcasted so that everyone that participated knew I was getting close. I expected a witch hunt to kill me, but nobody followed me, but my hearth was beating very fast when I was running to the checkin point with my last 4 items. I got there without getting killed and won the event.
I got 2 prices sponsored by the Forsaken Gods guild, a pirate hat and a lvl 40 Cleaving edge sword. I also got a price sponsored by Selachii(one of the developers that attended the event), which was a lvl 40 sigil.


  1. Congratz on the victory mate!

    Very nice event made by G'teku, guildleader of Forsaken Gods! :)Can't wait to join the next event,

    Keep this blog updated mate!



  2. Just wanted to say hello and congrats to the very nice blog.

    And of course to winning the tournament against all the higher level opponents - a shame if they just ignore all the "lowbie people" and just gank the high-level ones, isn't it ? ;-)
    And enjoy your rewards - 40 isn't that far away, and the items should make the way there all soo sweeter. :-D