Friday, 20 March 2009

The Athenaeum

Yesterday I went to Quarterstone for the first time to complete my high house quest chain to become a House Rune member. The design of the city is as beautiful as all the other zones, but I was pleasantly surprised with the music. The music is the best I've ever heard in any game.
After running through the Palace, the Oracle and the Fountain destrict I decided to take the ship to the Athenaeum. I boarded the ship as a crew member(for free) without having the safety of a cabin while travelling(which you can rent for 20silver). I had to fight two mobs which weren't that hard to fight, but it made travelling with a ship much more fun then in other games.

The Athenaeum is actually just a dock near a big mountain formation. But again, the music is excellent, and when you go out the gates you see a big mountain in front of you which looks like a waterpainting. The cool thing is, you can run all the way up that mountain and find the Consanguineous Vaults instance there.

The Vaults dungeon is divided in different rooms. In each room is a challenge you have to complete. I've only entered the first room, so I don't know what's behind the others. In the first room you have to kill different kinds of mobs you can find in the Spellborn world. The rooms will open up as you progress to lvl 50, so the first room is for players around lvl 15, the second for lvl 20/25, etc.

Here's another screenshot of me standing near the Vault's entrance looking down the mountain. You can see the dock in the distance. link

Edit: Thanks to Borfus for giving some info on the Vaults dungeon.

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  1. ACtually,

    The vaults will be open to you as you progress to level 50. So the first is around level 15 (correct me if I am wrong), second at 20/25 etc... All the way up to 50

    Be sure to check your e-mail ingame after you level up! ;)