Monday, 2 March 2009

NPC and animal names

I noticed that a lot of animal names in spellborn are derived from the dutch language. Most of the ones I found are in Aldenvault, but I'm only level 8 at the moment, so I didn't progress far into the game world.
Some of the animal names:

  • Rahm: from the dutch name "ram" (male sheep)
  • Vhark: from the dutch name "varken" (pig)
  • Skapie: from the dutch name "schaap" (sheep)
  • Kipplet: from the dutch name "kip" (chicken)
  • Mooh: from the sound that a cow makes
There's also an animal named "Tanuk". According to another player this was from the japanese language.

Spellborn also has some really funny NPC names. One of them is an NPC called Arnold Shardzenegger located in House Shroud.
Another example of this are two NPC's called Wellis and Nietis which are standing on a cliff arguing who will be taking the "leap of faith"(Assassin's Creed anyone?). The names of those two NPC's are also derived from the dutch language, meaning "yes you do, no you don't".

And the world is full of those little details, but not always as obvious.
Anyone else found some funny named NPC's or animals? Let me know ;)

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