Monday, 13 April 2009

Stalward armour, Horatu's Hope & Dragon Shop

It has been almost two weeks since my previous post, but I didn't have much time to play and blog. And when I blog I want to provide you with some nice info and screenshot, so that's why it has taken so long :)

When I came back from Quarterstone, I wanted to finish some quests in Hawksmouth which I forgot to do. During my questing, I encountered two guildies with Stalward armour, which you can find in Ringfell (screenshot on the left).

After doing the Hawksmouth quests I finished up the quests I had left in Aldenvault and Hoggsridge, which gave me enough xp to ding 16.
One of the last quests in Hoggsridge send me to Horatu's Hope. Horatu's Hope is a very small shard where they are creating the biggest shardship in production atm.

And now a new discovery, someone in my guild noticed there's a Dragon Shop in the Fountain District on Quarterstone. The Dragon Shop is located near the docks and it's not possible to enter it, but the sign displays "Dragon Shop". This shop is there since beta, but hasn't been used yet. Will this be the future mount shop? And will we get dragon mounts to ride on? I hope so :)

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Levelling 12-15

I've been running around in Quarterstone now since late lvl 11, and by doing all the quests there I'm almost lvl 15 now. The quests in Quarterstone are a good combination of fighting and fetch quests, and tell some great stories.
Some quests involve some searching and climbing, like in one of the quests in the Aion Core quest chain. In this quest you have to climb a wall by jumping from one stone to the other, which is something I'm not used to in MMO's, so it's nice to see the devs put some of these in the game. You can see a screenshot of it here.
The screenshot on the right is me standing in the Fountain District in Quarterstone with my pirate hat which I can wear now :)

While running through one of the docks I encountered a guildmate of mine, Borfus(screenshot on the left). He was wearing the Adorned set(shirt, pants, shoes, ...) and the armour he was wearing is of the longarm series, which you can find in Ringfell. I really like the shoulders which have spikes on them. The hood he's wearing is now our official guild hood.